Kitten Lady - Orphan Kitten Club Video Library

Below you'll find educationally beneficial videos from Hannah Shaw aka...Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer, humane educator, and New York Times bestselling author who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. Her project, Kitten Lady, strives to create global change in the way we perceive and treat the tiniest and most vulnerable felines.

Kitten Lady provides educational mediatraining resources, and instructional workshops that help individuals and animal shelters learn how to save the lives of kittens--in a fun and engaging format.

Shaw is also the founder of Orphan Kitten Club, a 501(c)3 charitable organization which provides lifesaving programs including a neonatal kitten nursery, a TNR program, and the world’s first grant program specifically funding innovation in kitten welfare.

Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue has been the proud recipient of the Orphan Kitten Club's MightyCat Grant multiple years running!

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Who is Kitten Lady


Bottle Feeding Kittens


Tricky Bottle Babies


How to Tell the Sex of Your Kittens


Helping Kittens Pee and Poop


Learn How Kittens Grow


Kitten Care Routine


Overnight Kitten Care Routine


Helping Kittens with Ringworm


Dealing with Diarrhea


How to Wean Kittens onto Solid Food


How to Syringe Feed a Newborn


Comforting Your Kitten


How to Tell if Your Kitten Has Fleas and What to do About It


Taking "Adoption Photo" Quality Pictures With Your Smartphone


How to Find Kitten Adopters


Administering Oral Medication