Saving one kitten's life might not change the world, but for that kitten, their world will change forever.

Our rescue is not open to the public. Adoptions are currently done by appointment. Potential adopters must be pre-approved by submitting an adoption application. Begin the process by clicking the "Become a Hero Today" button below.

Tiny Paws kittens are adopted and taken home after spay/neuter at 12 weeks of age. Our kittens receive all disease testing and vaccinations for their age, are spayed/neutered, and given monthly flea/tick preventative. 

Raised by a big family of trained volunteers who are passionate and dedicated to the kittens' quality of life, these lovable companions are very well socialized with people as well as other kittens.

How the adoption process works:

Step 1: Complete and submit an online adoption application by clicking on the "Become a Hero Today" button near the bottom of this page. 

Step 2: Our dedicated adoption counselors will review your application and contact you with any follow up questions. TPKR invests a multitude of time, effort, and resources to ensure that these beautiful souls survive and flourish, from the day they reach us as infants, to beyond the day they journey from our doors to their new lives. That means just as much care is taken when matching them up with their new family. This portion of the process includes contacting references and veterinarians for verification, confirmation of living arrangements, and meet and greets between you, the prospective adopter, and the counseling team. So please allow at least 48 hours for the approval process before contacting Tiny Paws regarding your application. 

Step 3: An adoption counselor will contact you with the results. If approved, you will meet with an adoption counselor to pick out your kitten! Currently adoptable kittens can be found by clicking the "Available for Adoption"