Have you found a baby kitten?


If you have a kitten that you think needs to be bottle fed, please call us at 405-612-0071. Do not email us or facebook us. Time is of the essence.


Immediate Dos:

Warmth: Get them warm with a secondary heat source, such as a sock with rice that's been microwaved for one minute or a heating pad.

Sugar source: one drop of Karo syrup on the roof of its mouth. If you don't have Karo, use honey, pancake syrup, or sugar dissolved in warm water.


Immediate Don'ts:

Don't move the kitten until you've determined that Momma is not coming back. Wait and watch. Momma could be gone several hours to hunt for food.


If the kitten is in danger or feels cold to the touch, bring it in.


Helpful Links:

Kitten Growth Chart

What to Do (and NOT Do) If You Find a Newborn Kitten

1 Day Old Kitten
Eyes closed, deaf, cannot regulate body temperature, may have umbilical cord, cannot eliminate on its own

2 Week Old Kitten
Uncoordinated walking, developing sense of smell, more pointed ears still pitched foward

10 Day Old Kitten
Eyes open but sensitive to bright lights, rounded ears pitched forward

3 1/2 to 4 Week Old Kitten
Sound recognition, erupting baby teeth, beginning elimination control, beginning to eat on its own, much more mobile, pointed upright ears