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To rescue orphaned, neonatal kittens and adopt them into loving and forever homes



To provide a culture of caring for rescued neonatal kittens for the city

of Stillwater and surrounding community through highly trained and dedicated people in a financially sound manner.



* Passionate about Tiny Paws

* Responsible

* Ethical

* Selflessness

* Mutual respect

* Dedication

* Value souls of kittens

Livesaving Care Includes:
* All needed medical care
* Disease and illness testing
* Vaccinations
* Around-the-clock nutritional support
* 100% spay/neuter prior to adoption
* Constant hands-on attention in a safe, healthy environment


Volunteers From All Walks of Life:
*  College students of all specialties
* OSU Vet Med and Pre-Vet students
* Retired and elderly individuals
* Community and business people


Tiny Paws began in 2004 in the home of founder, Holly Chapples, a former director of the Stillwater Humane Society, who saw that there was no rescue for orphaned neonatal kittens in the community or even in Oklahoma. These kittens had no chance at life. Through the compassion and dedication of many volunteers and generous donation and grant support Tiny Paws has grown in saving more kittens and is now housed in a renovated abandoned building. Since 2004, Tiny Paws has saved and found loving forever homes for over 5000 kittens that otherwise would have died or been euthanized.

Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit agency.

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