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Tiny Paws takes in only orphaned newborn baby kittens that cannot survive on their own. Without human intervention these babies would die. Eighty well-trained, dedicated volunteers tend to the kittens, providing around the clock bottle-feeding and medical care under veterinary orders in a safe and healthy environment. When the kittens are weaned, they are readied for adoption to screened forever homes.


Tiny Paws fills the gap left by area animal agencies that cannot provide care for these infants. Without Tiny Paws these kittens would be euthanized or left to perish. Bottle-feeding kittens are a labor intensive, high-risk, high-needs population. It takes a lot to replace Mama's care. We never refuse an infant kitten because of its medical condition.We are a no-kill rescue. We have a 100% spay/neuter policy.

The kittens depend on us for their survival, and we depend on donations, financial and volunteer support, grants, and fundraising for our survival.  

Saving orphaned neonatal kittens for their forever homes

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The Lockhart Foundation, OKC

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